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DUI Lawyers in Toronto & You

The term DUI is used often in the news. It is associated with the image of a careless celebrity driving their Porsche too fast after a few too many cocktails. But, DUI’s happen in Canada all the time. Driving under the influence is a serious offense that results in a criminal record and one-year license suspension for a first-time charge. Keep reading to find out why legal advice is the best option for those facing a DUI charge in Toronto and how a lawyer can help fight for the justice you deserve.

What a Lawyer Can Do for You

Knowledge is power when it comes to facing a criminal charge. A lawyer can help assess the situation in a calm and organized manner in order to maximize the chances of winning a lawsuit. Most Canadians do not understand their rights when it comes to dealing with the police force. It is not well known for example that one must perform a breathalyzer test when asked, but is not required to take a sobriety test (i.e. walking in a straight line) by law. If one can remember exactly what they drank, where they were, who they were with, and the way the officer treated them upon charges being laid, they have a much better chance of winning a case. The benefits of contacting a lawyer surely outweigh the cost. A reputable ticket fighting company in Toronto can help to facilitate a meeting with a DUI lawyer. An organization with industry experience will be sure to offer fair pricing options as well as a practical payment schedule for legal advice.

Questions to Keep in Mind

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms grants citizens the right to remain innocent until proven guilty. Once a charge has been filed in your name, it is the individual’s responsibility to question authority. There are a number of important questions to keep in mind before meeting with a lawyer to discuss a DUI charge:
  1. Why did the police stop you? Was there a valid reason for pulling you over? Note that a R.I.D.E program is considered to be a valid reason.
  2. Was a sobriety test conducted on the scene that could be used against you in court?
  3. Did the police speak to  you in a language that is understandable? If English is your second language, one has the right to legal representation prior to asking any question posed.
  4. Have the police made the results of the on-scene breathalyzer test available to you and your lawyer?
  5. Do you know exactly how much you drank prior to charges being laid?
  6. Did anyone else witness how much or how little you drank?
Details are key to winning a case. The more one can recall about events prior to the charge, the better. A driving-under-the-influence conviction is a serious matter that should be approached diligently and wisely. Contact the best company in Toronto to help deal with your DUI charge and facilitate a meeting with a professional lawyer. The task may seem daunting, but the time it takes to be proactive will pay off in the form of a clean record and conscience.  
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